Custom Gourmet specializes in food preparation for all your culinary needs.


We do things a little different at this catering company….


We don't believe in set menus, we like to sit down with you and customize a menu to suit your needs and wants. Based on your guest list, the venue and the seasonal variables. These methods enable us to ensure you are getting the highest quality and freshest products available for your event.  We will work with you to incorporate dietary needs like Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan, to name a few, as options for your guests. We believe we can make something for everyone to enjoy.


We can work in multiple environments, from outdoor events, tiny wineries to large banquets in a local hall. Don't have access to a kitchen, no worries, we will bring a VIHA approved one with us.


When working on site and in your home or office, we bring everything with us - from the pots and pans right down to the garbage can. Everything is packed into organized totes so we can take over your kitchen with minimum fuss. Don’t worry we do not go through your cupboards, so feel free to hide the dirty dishes under the sink. This unique approach to on site catering is what enables us to perform miracles in your kitchen. Feel free to pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine and watch the show as we prepare the menu; we have been told it is rather like a live production of a TV cooking show (and no, not Hell’s Kitchen).


When your guests arrive, leave everything to us and let us do all the work in the kitchen. All you will have to do is pour the wine (or allow us to do that too) and relax with your family and friends. After the meal, your kitchen is left spotless and if it weren't for the yummy smells still in the air, you wouldn't even know we were there.


We make entertaining easy and stress free, the way it was meant to be. Call Custom Gourmet the next time you need a caterer, so we can make your event delicious.

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 Signature Style  


Exquisite food, expert coordination

and gracious service

It's Customized


We will work with you to create a menu

that fits your taste, budget and style

Our Commitment


The freshest ingredients means food

that is exceptional in taste.

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