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Catering prices for events range from $15.00 - $65.00 per person

for a buffet style meal.

And $25.00 - $85.00 per person

for a sit down dinner.


Cocktail receptions can range from $15.00 - $65.00 per person,

depending on the event, time of day and of course the menu.

(Prices based on 50 or more people).

Event Catering


Let us make your event delicious!


Having an anniversary party with 8 quests, 25 or even 75? Or an annual fundraiser with a guest list creeping towards 350 people? How about a customer appreciation night for all your best clients held in your office? No matter the location or size of the event, if you believe in great food and want to make an impression, you need to hire Custom Gourmet.

We have done everything! From small cocktail receptions for 25 at a retail store to full plated dinners for 150 in a private residence. Throw in a few annual fundraisers in the local hall for 350 and then add everything in between. We have over 15 years of catering experience in the Valley; let us put that to work for you.


Every event is unique just like you, and we encourage that. We don't want to do the same thing every day. That is why when you hire Custom Gourmet for your event, you get the personalized service you deserve, each and every time. We start by creating the perfect menu, designed around your wants and needs. Then on the day of your event, we arrive hours before your guests and create your menu items fresh for you, moments before you enjoy them. For this reason we need to have access to some form of kitchen facilities at the reception site. (You would be surprised at what we can work out of. We have done a cocktail reception for 175 out of a closet sized room with no stove, to full plated dinners out of a typical home kitchen. So do not let that discourage you from calling us. We even bring a stove if we have to!)

At the event, we ensure everything is taken care of; from the shopping and preparation of the food right down to the cleanup of the dishes. We can provide servers to assist the guest during the event, or we will gladly work with volunteer servers in order to assist with keeping the cost down. All this attention to the little details, allows you time to take care of the other important ones. Let us worry about the food and the service.


Call Custom Gourmet at 250-702-7071, so we can create a truly memorable meal for your event. Allow us to customize a menu which reflects not only the occasion and your desires, but one that will create the perfect event for your guests.

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